"Seduce Me" and "Green Porno" - The Art of The Birds and the Bees


Every now and then, someone has a truly great idea about how to explain science to the general public. Sometimes the topic is animal mating behavior.

This is the setup for the Sundance Channel's two recent series: "Green Porno" and "Seduce Me." "Green Porno" explores wild and weird animal mating behaviors while "Seduce Me" acts out animal courtship - a whole other bag of worms.

You can view many of their videos here.

The star/director/mastermind behind the effort is Isabella Rossellini. Quite often, her acting performance will have you in stitches. The costumes and sets designed for both shows are often quite beautiful, regardless of topic.

Here are some samples, but remember many, many more are available on their website:

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